July 20, 2005


By the hand of Mormon
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"...we are generally conscious of the role of language in shaping rather than merely reflecting our realities..."

Words can mean so much. Words can hurt and words can uplift.. but is that statement really true? Do they shape our reality? Language is a difficult thing to define. I think the scripture in D&C 50 is true, we can only really understand fully when we communicate with the Spirit. Interestingly though, speaking or writing my feelings, putting thoughts into words often helps me to feel them more...


Biracial Beauty said...

I feel that you radiate calmness and serenity. I believe that you have such a strong spiritual sense, that this comes across through everything that you do - including your writing. I enjoy what you have written thus far, and wish you continued enjoyment in writing your feelings.

BB in Baton Rouge

Sarah said...

If I read you correctly, you're gonig on a mission here soon? And I take it you're Mormon.
Just interesting, I've been a practicing Mormon for a few years.