August 06, 2006


+ Helper!
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My new calling is as Nursery Leader.. they are all so cute! But I still find trying to actually teach them a challenge. Any tips greatly appreciated.

More photos of Southmead Nursey.


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This is one of my favourite photo's from our honeymoon.. This was at Salzburg Zoo.. we bought these tourist cards that got us entry to loads of stuff in Salzburg, and as we were only really there one full day we rushed around trying to make the most of it. One of my favourite days!

I'm Married!

holding hands
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OK.. so it happened a while ago now.. but I thought I should really add it to the blog. Our wedding day was the best! It couldn't have been that way without the wonderful friends and family who helped out, and who came to enjoy this wonderful day with us.. seriously I can't imagine it being any better - it was GREAT!

I love being your wife Andrew.. and I'm so grateful that you are my husband!

More photos from our wedding.