December 23, 2005

The Amazingness of Andrew

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I don't think I can put in words just how amazing Andrew is. I am forever finding more things which I love about him. He is the loveliest, sweetest, kindest most talented guy I know, and I get to have him as my husband.. and he will be father of my children.. and he loves me, respects me, cares for me, trusts me.. I am so blessed, and I do realise it. When we meet people up in York they all tell me how amazing he is, like I wouldn't know.. but I do. I know. Love you always Andrew!

December 05, 2005


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Played three games of Chess in one afternoon.. and won all 3 times!

I can't believe it! I didn't even think I was that good.. maybe this is my talent. It was a lot of fun though. I really love the Munzer family, can't wait to be properly part of it.