August 17, 2007

Our amazing brains!

Seriously - our brains are amazing! Weird how by being so amazing we actually see things not always in there true sense.. hmm.. what can we learn from knowing this?

August 15, 2007

I am so excited to see this film!

The Golden Compass aka Northern Lights.. this will be the first film I've seen, where I've read the book first. I am so excited! It's such a good story.

August 05, 2007

I won a competition!

I just added my comments about Tagging to the LibraryThing discussion board, and now they are sending me a book. It wasn't because what I said was great.. I was picked at random.. but it's still cool. I wanted a tagging picture to go with my blog and found somewhere that I could make a tag cloud of my blog.

See top of my blog.

Here is a copy of my post:

Tags are amazing! For me the sights that make the best use of Tags are these...

Flickr - the first tagging site I ever used. An archive of all my photos. If I want to find a photo of my cute neice, I just type in her name and they all come up. Also, a huge mass of others photos. I would always be able to find a photo from someone to go along with whatever I decided to blog about - great!

Facebook - So, I loved Flickr already for photo tagging, but then along came Facebook - where you tagged someone in a photo, and then they would know, and there friends would know. It's great! So, a friend uploads a photo, with me in it, tags me and everyone else.. I get notified, look at the photo and see that some friends I haven't seen in ages are also tagged - from there I can contact them, find out how they are doing etc. Even people who I don't know may upload a funny photo, or video or post a note about a person that I do know.. more insight into my friends lives. Amazing.

BoardGameGeek - so this is my newest venture. I am a board game geek - I have just bought my 100th board game, and you know what? I don't get to play them very often, it's really hard to decide what to play.. depends on your mood, who's playing an how many people want to play.. It takes ages to find a suitable game... but when you can tag your games.. you can search for a game with particular tags.. say, 'short' and '3-player'.

OK.. so my final one may not be classed as tags.. but surely a search engine really just searches via words which are tags....?? Do you agree?

Tags.. what an amazing invention.. I'm still trying to get used to using them effectively in G-Mail, Blogger and LibraryThing actually. In LibraryThing I use others tags.. but don't really put tags on my own books to use.

August 04, 2007

Being a Mummy

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I didn't know whether to blog about this or not.. but I decided I would.

Sometimes, I find being a full-time Mum really hard.

It's funny, because I think I'm a strong, abled person, and Cara is a beautiful, amazing, sleepy girl. So, really, I should find being a Mum easier than most.

A lot of the time I do think that my being a Mum is easy. I get to stay at home, be with my beautiful baby girl, go out for walks, watch films, shop... there are lots of perks - especially with only one, especially good little girl, but amazingly, sometimes it's still hard. I think hardest, funnily - when I sit down and relax, or try to. I think for me it's the constancy, I'm always listening out for Cara, in case she needs me. There's never been anything so constantly on my mind, maybe there should have been....

I read this blog today, it's what inspired me to write about my feelings.

I love Cara! She's going to change my life for the better! Thank you, Cara! and Thank you Andrew!