August 17, 2007

Our amazing brains!

Seriously - our brains are amazing! Weird how by being so amazing we actually see things not always in there true sense.. hmm.. what can we learn from knowing this?


Steve said...

Very interesting. This has ramifications for observational science. Check this out

Richard Cook said...

Wow, that's amazing Hedge! It really weird how you can look at something once and be convinced that it's the way you think you see it, only to be proved completely wrong!

Apparently, they've done some experiments with glasses... They invented some lenses that reverse the way your brain sees things, so that every single thing you look at is upside down. After a while, the brain gets used to it and compensates, so that everything looks normal again - but when you take the glasses off, it's all upside-down again!

Weird, eh?!