December 10, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Munzer Family

Merry Christmas!

This is the first year that we’ve been a little family of three, so we thought it would be a good opportunity for us to write a letter to you, to let you know what’s been happening for us over the last twelve months. In January our family grew as we welcomed little Cara Louise into the world. Helen is loving being a stay-at-home Mum watching Cara learn and grow. Andrew has been occupied with the continuation of his degree in English Literature at Bristol University. During the summer break he found employment at the local hospital, doing clerking on the Mental Health Ward. The job was originally only offered as temporary work for 6 weeks, but it continued on until December.

This summer we joined the Munzer family senior for a week in St. Ives, a lovely seaside town in the very south-west corner of England. The Mediterranean climate and surfing locations made for lots of fun, and a memorable time all together before Andrew’s sister Hannah left for her mission in the Dublin, Ireland Mission in late August. She’ll be gone for eighteen months, but we stay in touch through regular emails.

Together with our friends Matthew and Rebeca Barwick-Barrett, Helen and Andrew both became Directors of our very own company this year, a web development start-up called ‘Bunz Media’. The projects are still in fairly early development, but Helen has been able to put her skills to use, doing lots of the skilled work on the websites. The launch of the first site will be expected in early 2008 – we’ll keep you informed!

In church Helen was called onto the Young Women’s Presidency, and has enjoyed working with a small number of young women in our little ward. Andrew has continued to serve on the Bishopric, striking fear into the hearts of his fellow ward-members by choosing the speaking assignments for Sunday meetings. Cara has provided endless entertainment for the entire ward, and has been very good in meetings. In November Helen’s mum Carol celebrated her sixtieth birthday, and Helen joined all her siblings in a visit to the London Temple. It was a wonderful occasion, to all be there together to show our gratitude to her, as an extended family.

The year to come promises to be an exciting one – the end of Andrew’s Undergraduate degree, and a move to a different location is likely. Who knows exactly where we’ll be in a year’s time? Wherever it is, we’ll keep you up to date, and hope to have even more adventures to report on, next December!

Thank you, most of all, for your friendship and love,
Love from,

Andrew, Helen and Cara xx

December 07, 2007

Laughter, the Best Medicine

Reader's Digest always have a section entitled, 'Laughter, the Best Medicine' and I think that the phrase is so true. What better for you than a good laugh. Also, see this Ensign article. Babies sure know how to laugh. We need to video Cara's laughter, but in the mean time, this is a few of my favorite baby laughs from YouTube.

Hope you had a laugh!

December 01, 2007

Philadelphia - Film review

Film about a guy who sues his firm for wrongful dismissal, due to having AIDS. A very emotional film, with lots to think about.

An American Tail - Film review

What a great movie. So many great songs! There Are No Cats in America... Somewhere Out There... and Never Say Never. What a great idea as well - to never say never. Is it always best to stay positive? In this film you can see how Fievel changes as soon as he meets some who have lost hope. His whole countenance and character change. Luckily for him his family was not far away. I love that this film is about family and about unity as a people also. What a great idea to have the mice get rid of the cats. At one point a mouse asks to the crowd of mice.. "are we mice or men?" to which they all shout "MICE!". Fantastic!