September 13, 2008

My Birthday

I thought I better blog about my wonderful birthday this year.

I was awoken, after a long lie in, by my two most favourite people, Andrew and Cara - Cara was wearing a hat that said 'Happy Birthday Mummy', it looked really cute, but it didn't seem like she wanted to wear it for very long.  She did keep saying 'Birthday Birthday' though.. how cute.  They brought with them, breakfast, for me to eat in bed, which Cara enjoyed helping me with.

Next, I passed a folder, the first page said:

Helen's Day of FUN
Birthday 2008

The next page was titled - THE DEEP, and there was lots of information about this fun place that we were going to explore together.. it looked like lots of fun!  After all of that information there was a colourful page, which said.. A present worth waiting for...

Love from Andrew, Cara and Joe xxx

WOW - that really is a present worth waiting for.  It actually arrived yesterday, and it is sooo much fun.  Drums, guitar and a microphone  :D  

I want to scan in the pictures that Andrew drew of us playing Rock Band, but that will have to be added in later.

I might write a seperate blog entry on our family blog for our day at The Deep, but here's a couple of photos for now...

Cara and I watching the sharks.

Cara eating her yoghurt, very posh, with her little finger in the air.

Me and Cara at the top of the building - what great views!

And last of all, this is me and my new friend Andrew the Hammer Head Shark  :D

When we got home, there were still more suprises.  Grandma Widdowson was coming over to babysit, while Andrew and I went out with other family to have pizza.  Thank you all for coming to celebrate my birthday with me.  Steve, Chris, Ben, Joe, Jean and Randy, and what yummy pizza it was!

My other exciting present, that I have now bought with birthday money that I had been given - thanks everyone!  Is Wii Fit, I've only just started using it, but I love it.  Thanks so much everyone!  What an amazing birthday I have had this year.