September 17, 2007

My Birthday

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For my birthday this year we went on a steam train. I had mentioned to Andrew that it would be quite fun to go on a train ride with Cara, but I hadn't even thought of a steam train. It was great!

Cara really enjoyed the day, which made it even more enjoyable for me and Andrew. We finished the day with dinner and Cara was getting lots of attention in return for her beautiful smiles.

Thank you Andrew for making my birthday a 'Day of Fun'.

St Ives

St Ives (12 of 14)
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Can't believe I haven't blogged about our holiday to St Ives yet. This probably isn't the best photo.. but it is of the sand thing we built one day.

It was great to have some time away, just to relax and enjoy each others company. Andrew, Cara and I joined Andrew's family. We were able to celebrate Hannah's 21st birthday while away, and wish her the best as she is now in the mission field serving in Dublin, Ireland. She will be such a great missionary.

We stayed in a cottage just 2 minutes walk from Porthmoer Beach, which was always great for body boarding. Cara enjoyed lots of attention from Grandparents, Aunt and Uncles, and Andrew and I were able to enjoy time alone together - Thank you Munzer family! we loved our holiday with you.

September 06, 2007

I just made a John Travolta film Quiz .

He has been in so many great movies.. and some really silly ones..

Which is your favourite?

I can't choose.. Grease, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble and Hairspray is pretty good too.. I have to confess to watching all 3 Look Who's Talking movies recently, and they were actually very entertaining.

PS I do like John Travolta, but I love Andrew - he's the best!