July 26, 2005

Mission Possible

Well.. My papers are almost off. I had my interview with Stake President this evening and all went well.. I do need to go back and get an extra test done at the doctors, but either way my forms will be sent off within a week.

I'm so excitied! Everyone keeps giving me advice.. so I thought I might record a couple of the ones that I remember right now.
  • Simply Obedience - Be 100% obedient
  • Learn from your companions
  • Love the people
  • Make the most of it
I really hope that I manage all of these and more!

1 comment:

ADCottrellski said...

Hedge - just looking at some of your old posts, and saw this. My Mission President made us all a 'Cosmic Orange' colured card with the Words Simply Obedience.
That was his catch phrase, not strict obedience. Simply... meaning that it should come easy, second nature, etc.

That's good advice. I'm trying to teach it to the girls.