July 19, 2005


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The world around us is so amazing.. its at sights like this that I truely realise. Breathtaking. I am always reminded of the hymn 'How Great Thou Art' when I see such beauty around me.

I was reading recently President Hinckleys book 'Standing for Something' where he talks about Gratitude. He says about gratitude "..it is a divine principle. I doubt there is anything in which we more offend the Almighty than in our tendency to forget His mercies and to be ungratefuk for that which He has given us." (Also see D&C 59:21)

I am so thankful for the world around me, the beauty of the world, the amazingness of our minds and bodies, for families and friends, for learning and for the Gospel. I am so thankful for the love that I can feel from my Heavenly Father and from my Saviour Jesus Christ. If only I could remember to be this thankful every moment of my day. I'll try!

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