July 21, 2005

points of view

You know what? I really love people.. I mean, as much as I love the world around me and think that science, technology, nature, the functions of the human body, mathematics are all amazing, people are the best. What would the world be like without people to interact with. Understanding another persons point of view can open up a whole world without even moving. Our minds are amazing things! Thoughts, feelings, emotions.. WOW! To live in a beautiful world, with all the 'things' you could ever imagine would just never compare to sharing a moment with someone you love, holding a hand, giving a hug.. interacting and coming to understand another being who is like yourself. We really are blessed to have so much in our lives. Our Heavenly Father really knows whats best and how we can experience joy. He knows it all and yet at times I really don't get that. I constantly need reminders.. like a snooze alarm every 5 minutes - that might do the trick.


Andy said...

I always press my snooze alarm and fall back asleep again. Maybe a big hammer would work?

Hedgee said...

Yep! I reckon that'd do the trick.