July 25, 2005


spanish flag
Originally uploaded by davidcharding.
Hablo un poco de espanol :D

I had my first spanish lesson after work today. It was quite scary, the teacher kept speaking spanish! It was fun though - can't wait for the next one. (We are following the BBC course.)

Generally us English are quite poor at learning other languages. I have always been really impressed with the quality of language learning in all the european countries I have visited, and hope that one day us British will do the same.


Andy said...

Good use of a striking image from someone else's Flickr stream - I need to start blogging on some cool pics I see on there - there are so many that people take that I'm just... "aaahhhh" about!
Good luck with the Espanol, also!

The ArtFunk Blog said...

hey, just checkin with ya! thanks for lookin' at my blog. s'been a while since i've been on it.

happy July 26th!