July 23, 2005

All is well

OK.. so it doesn't look exactly like RS, but that was the idea. Today we had a summer social event with Relief Society. We went to the Malvern Hills, Benbows Farm and then to Gadfield Elm Chapel. It was a wonderful day full of fun and beautiful scenery.

We talked about a lot of people that had a part in the history of the Church from our own land. I am so thankful for all that have made it possible for me to have what I do now. I was especially impressed today with a thankfulness for those of the United Brethren, who although they did not know the fullness of the Gospel were united in searching for that truth. And when they heard that truth, they knew it. I already know the truth of so many things, yet I really felt that I need to do more of this searching.. and realising.

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