January 31, 2007

Cara Louise Munzer

We have a little girl! I really can't believe it. She is so cute. It's great to finally be at home as a family. We are so blessed.

I had so much I wanted to say when I came to write this - but it's all gone from my head. I think I'm still a little woozy from the pain relief or something, but motherhood has been really great and our little girl is just so great. When she is asleep and away from my vision for a bit I know that she's cute - but when I get to see her again I realise just how cute.. awwww she is the best!

Cara asleep on her Daddy like that was so cute to see!

More photos here.

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ADCottrellski said...

I used to sleep with Leah like that all the time. The problem was I wouldn't be trying to sleep, so when I woke up it was always with a little jump, and quick grab to make sure she was still there.
I'm so happy for you all.