February 19, 2007

New Calling

I was given a new calling today - Enrichment Leader! It was a bit of a suprise to be called into have an interview today. I had no idea what calling would be in store, but this is great! It's something I feel I can really put my heart into. I want to get the RS of Southmead Ward having fun, learning and socialising with each other. What's best is this calling will not be interupted by having a baby whatsoever. I can't wait to get started. Next month, March is RS birthday month, so we have chance to have a really big Enrichment night, one of the 4 official ones, really soon. Working with Rebecca Amery, counsellor for Enrichment, will also be really fun.

Cara is just as beatiful as ever, and such a good little girl. Andrew and I are so blessed!

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