January 18, 2007


I spent most of today beginning to catalog our books. First I set out to find a way to do it. I was hoping to find some nifty website that would help me.. sure enough there is. First I found Shelfari.. this was OK, but I much prefer LibraryThing. Check them out, and let me know if you join too, and I can look at your library of books.

Click here to see my LibraryThing catalog, or here to see my bookshelf on shelfari.


ADCottrellski said...

But will this help you find the book on your book shelves? Perhaps you should have included tags on locations :)

Also have you even looked at www.bookcrossing.com set you books free, and perhaps in 50 years you can see who has the book, perhaps your grandkids?

Hedgee said...

We may include tags as to where the books are.. once we've decided where the books should go.. We might use a sort once they are all input to sort into subject area and arrange tham that way.. who knows?

I did find bookcrossing the other day.. but we like to keep our books.. there is a space on LibraryThing to keep BookCrossing numbers though..