January 07, 2007

The world of the internet

I decided to start using Google Reader today, and have ended up adding a lot of feeds. It's been really interesting. Thanks Stevie for introducing me to it.

Just one of the interesting sites I found while adding feeds was this one.

Have a go and see how well you know me, by going here.

And also an interesting article about the church.


Steve said...

Google Reader is FAB. I now use it everyday. I have many different folders for things like family, work and church related feeds :)

Hedgee said...

I agree! It takes me a while to read through all the stuff I have.. but its great! You know you can have flickr updates on there too!

I only wish it showed new comments in reader for blogs too.. unless it does?

Hedgee said...

OK.. so apparently the new blogger does have a feed for the comments.. but now I have set that to 'Yes' do I need to do anything more?

Steve said...

It seems the trick to to go the 'Settings > Site Feed > Advanced' options to turn on the other two feeds.

Then set up the Template Tags for site feeds

Steve said...

It seems the resulting feeds are to be found at these (or similar) URLs


ADCottrellski said...

just read the article you referred to from the from the economist, an interesting read.