January 24, 2007

Baby's Due Date

So.. today is Baby's due date. No signs of him yet, but I guess it could still happen today. Andrew and I went for a walk this morning - we heard it's sometimes good to start things moving. I also took to jumping a little this afternoon.. oh well! Baby knows best when to join us. Tomorrow we have an appointment with the Doctor, we'll see what he says.. although he has always said a week late to be fair, so I guess maybe he's right. The midwife said they'll induce if nothings happened by 12 days overdue.. so in 12 days baby should be with us no matter what. We are so excited and just can't wait to see our little one.

C'mon baby!

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Hedge said...

It's so funny reading back on this now as one of Cara's funny phrases is C'mon whoever.. although it sounds more like.. um on, in a really low voice.