June 13, 2009

Matt & Hannah

Matt & Hannah, originally uploaded by Hedgen.

What a great day! It was great to be able to be in the temple and witness my little brother be sealed to his wife Hannah. It is an amazing and wonderful blessing to be sealed to your spouse for time and all eternity and the blessings we are given in the temple are more than you could ever hope for. It brought back wonderful memories of my own sealing and was just such a special moment for our family. I love my family! My girls had a great time playing with their cousins too, which continued all the following week while we stayed at Nan and Grampi's house. What a lovely time we had, with great weather and wonderful company. Cara is really missing all her cousins as well as Nan, Grampi, Great Nan and Bampa, and all her aunts and uncles.. she loves looking at photos of you all, and always wants to visit again. Hopefully it wont be too long. Wish we could live close to you all! xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Just read this and thought it was lovely.

Hedge said...

Can't believe how long ago that was! I still think of Matt as being little, even though he's all grown up and married :)