July 08, 2009

Andrew's Birthday

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It was Andrew's birthday today, and what a fun day we had! The girls didn't get up to early, thankfully, and so after getting the cards and presents ready we all went to wake Daddy up. Cara likes to give kisses to wake people up, so it was lovely. We sang 'Happy Birthday' one of Cara's favourite songs to sing.. she always wants it to be someone's birthday.

Cara had made her own card for Daddy, which was very unique and lovely We got Daddy some lovely shorts - the ones pictured above, some walking trousers, that zip off to shorts, and some hand warmers.. not needed today.. but maybe for future hikes. We then played some games and enjoyed each others company before heading off to Grandma's. Andrew had more presents, cards and birthday wishes. Cara and Felicity spent the day with Grandma while Andrew and I headed off to Malham Tarn for a walk.

It was beautiful! We walked from the Tarn down to Malham Cove, which was my favourite. It was such a different landscape, walking over what they call the limestone pavement. It is seriously worth a visit. Seems that there is loads more that we didn't get to see. For part of our walk we were on the Pennine Way - maybe one day we'll do the whole thing together. It was just lovely to spend time with Andrew, walking in the lovely English countryside. How can you beat that. Love you Andrew!

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