July 15, 2009

Nappies on the line

Nappies on the line, originally uploaded by Hedgen.

We've been using the re-usables for a while now, so I thought I'd do a little update. I am loving them. I absolutely love that we are not filling our bin full of used nappies, or wipes. (Our bins get collected one week for waste, and the next week for recyclables - we used to fill our bin in two weeks, pretty much to the top. Now, and we have started composting and recycling more stuff too, but we have just a tenth maybe full at the end of two weeks, feels so good!)

I'm using reusable wipes too. So much easier, cos where do you put a used wipe if you're not throwing a nappy away? So use toilet roll for the mass that will be put down the loo, and then put water onto a cloth to wipe the bottom and throw it in the nappy bin with the nappy - tada. This also means no, whatever they put in those wipes that means they clean just about anything, on my baby's bottom.

It's made me think about how much toilet paper we get through.. and maybe we should be using reusable wipes too! :D Andrew's not so keen on the idea.. we have a stash to use up anyway.. but I'm definately thinking about giving it a go.. I'm doing lots of washing anyway - why not...? I'm sure I'll be posting more on other eco-friendly, cost-effective things we've been doing at some point.

My only problem with reusable nappies is when out, although lots of places these days have nappy changing facilities they don't always cater for 'real nappy 'users. We need a toilet and sink nearby please!

Luckily, Felicity tends to poo at a regular time each day at the moment so I haven't been caught too off guard. When it did happen once, I luckily had a disposable nappy bag still on me, and so I put the poo in there, in the bin... not too bad I guess..

I would highly recommend using reusables. They are a little bulkier, but not too much, and they are better for baby.. and although a big lay out to start, I haven't had to buy another pack of nappies or wipes.. yay! :D It helps having sunny weather to dry them, but these only take a couple of hours outside. I haven't had any night-time leakages (sleeping 12hrs plus) with the night-time booster which is huge.. but she's sleeping anyway, so all is good.


Solviej said...

You're so Eco-conscious you make me feel bad;)

Hedge said...

No - don't do that! It's taken me ages of knowing I should be doing this to be actually doing it. I wanted to use real nappies with Cara, I even bought some. The local governments here, give you money towards buying them even.. I used them once with Cara.. It was a big move, but so worth it. Maybe you could try them for your new baby :D

funkyhan said...

Dude -- love those nappies, they look so cute on the line :)

Whenever we were out and about and Eve did a pooey one, I just used to wrap the whole thing up and put it in a nappy bag or wet bag or whatever, and deal with it when I got home. No worries then about toilets or sinks!

I've ordered some cloth wipes, but I was thinking about just buying some fleece cloth from the market or something and cutting it up to use, or just using cheap flannels from ikea, in a ziplock bag or something with some lavender water in it... LET ME KNOW HOW YOU GET ON and we can compare notes on what actually works... rather than what they want to sell us :D

Hedge said...

I bought wipes by pop-in, so its cute that they are the same colours as the nappies, and I don't ever run out cos I don't always need to wipe.. but I've thought about cutting up some fleece too - have some already, so just need to do it. I am sooo ready for finding out about all the stuff that we buy that we think we need but don't.. I can't believe some of the stuff that they get away with selling marked up hugely!

Coop said...

ewww reusable toilet paper ... no thanks.

Fortunately Australia has such a water shortage that the extra toilet flushing, and washing of reusables is considered to be more harmful to Australia, so absolutely no encouragement on that here. Of course infertility means no worries really on any of it, I guess that is one upside ... if they ever let us adopt I vote for bypassing the baby stage anyway ;p

Hedge said...

I thought there would be more comment on the reusable toilet paper idea... I can't believe that water shortage is so much of a problem in Australia - so are you all on water meters at home? You should get eco composting toilets then there's no flushing, and you could wash by hand, so use less water.

To be honest, I think I'd skip the baby stage too - I thought I'd be better at it second time around, oh well! Is it harder to adopt in Australia being English, or doesn't it make a difference?

Claire said...

Hi Helen!

Cool pic of your dipes. We used cloth for a while with my second and I liked it alot when she was little. After solid food- yuck.

With my youngest, as soon as she was regular with her #2 I put her on a little potty at that time every day and soon never had to deal with poopy diapers- yay! She was about 15-18 months.