June 08, 2009

Pop-in Reusables

Pop-in Reusables, originally uploaded by Hedgen.

A little while ago now, I attended what was called a 'Nappuccino'. I had planned on using reusable nappies with Cara, and I although I did buy a few different ones, I never really did get into it. I thought I would go to get some advice and encouragement to use my nappies on Felicity. Actually, I ended up buying a couple of new nappies. A pop-in by close parent, and a tots bots pocket nappy. I preferred the pop-in, so decided this was to be the nappy I used.

When I first got the nappies out of the box, they looked so cute all rolled up. They are one size fits all, so fit Cara as well as Felicity. (Cara wore proper pants all day today though - there were lots of accidents, but hopefully not for too much longer). I bought the Dream Dri version as opposed to the Bamboo. They are very quick drying, especially if it's nice out, which I needed seeing as we only bought a box of 10. It'll be lots easier now Felicity is the only user - I had been doing lots of washes the last couple of weeks.

So far...

  • I really like that we don't throw away a load of nappies
  • that I wont have to buy disposables again
  • I don't mind the bulkiness too much, and it will only get less so as Felicity grows (they didn't seem much different in size on Cara)
  • I don't mind doing more washes, and I throw everything in altogether, they wash great, only problem is drying if it's wet out.
  • Both girls have had quite red bottoms, though, not really nappy rash, but I guess just red from being wet a lot. I have to say I don't seem to smell a number 2 so easily through these nappies, could be a bad thing as well as a good... Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the nappies, and myself for sticking with it. Yay!


Anna said...

Sounds good - I bought some but didn't get on with them, maybe I'll have to give these a whirl!

funkyhan said...

I love my clothies :)

You might find a fleece liner will help with the red-ness, as the fleece wicks the wet away from the skin!

Josephine said...

This is an idea I've played with a few times since Avery was born, but have never actually got into. Maybe I will still...who knows?? Good for you though, it seems like such a good idea to do! Good luck with the toilet training with Cara :)

Happy-E said...

well done, Helen :) We are still on those reusable's we bought before Lucy was born, although she woke up with dry nappy a few times and goes to potty a few times a day, so we don't even have to wash that much.