March 28, 2009

Beningbrough Hall

We went to Beningbrough Hall today, our second National Trust visit, and we've already saved money.  The weather wasn't very nice, so we didn't get to see much of the gardens, but we'll definately be back, there is a great kid's play area outside, and lovely surroundings.  The house was very geared to children with lots of fun dress up places and the like.  They also had this Virtual Portrait thing.  We answered a few questions, such as, how many in your group (1-3), indoors or outdoors and whether we were male or female.. then we had to position our faces for a photo and out popped our Portraits.  Here's a sampling:

Cara and Felicity

Me and Cara

Me and Andrew

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Anna said...

Hilarious pictures! Your treat is ready so send me your address! You can email me it at - I'm so excited to have one of my items made and ready to post!