March 28, 2009

Top Cash Back

Online Cashback

I just went and checked my details on the cashback website that I use, and I was impressed with the cashback that I have earned. So far, I have earned £309.21 cashback. Wow! Most of the time this is money I would have spent anyway.

For those who don't know how these websites work. Retailers will give money to the website for showing their products - a way of advertising - and this website claims to give 100% of that money directly to you, as they have adverts on the sides of the page which earcn them money. I find TopCashBack to be great! There is no admin fee and they have a lot of retailers with offers. Some only small amounts, but others considerable. You are never guarenteed the cashback, which is why we only use it when we'd pay for it without the cashback - it's just a bonus.

If you were to sign up to TopCashBack using one of my links and earn yourself £5 I would also get £2.50 - woohoo!

Here's some of my best deals.. although some are no longer avaliable:

Car Insurance with Lloyds TSB - £90 cashback (the years premium was £120, cheapest we could find without the cashback - so actually paid £30 for a years insurance)

National Trust - £40 (signing up online for me and Andrew with an Annual DD - this is one we maybe wouldn't have done without the cashback - but it's been great so far!)

Scottish Power - £124 (swapping to Scottish Power once in Bristol and then in York)

PS.. Scottish Power are now giving an £80 cashback for swapping dual fuel.

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