April 02, 2009

Sharing a bedroom

So.. tonight is the first night that our girls are sleeping in the same room together.  So far, so good.  Felicity seems to like it in the cot, (she was definately getting a little big for the Moses Basket,) we set the cot up in Cara's bedroom a couple of days ago so that Felicity could nap in there to get used to it, and so Cara could get used to the idea too.  Cara loved the cot, and wanted to sleep in it herself.  I don't think she realises Felicity is in with her.  She went in early evening just after Cara had gone to sleep, she made a few noises before she settled off, but it didn't seem to disturb Cara, so all is well.. we'll just have to see if Felicity wakes any more during the night and who wakes first in the morning.

It feels great to have our room back to ourselves -yay!


Anna said...

Tell me about it! Eliza was a terrible sleeper so didn't go into Esther's room until 10 1/2months. I then spent a week staying up really late reading in bed because of the pure luxury! Eliza slept through just about every night since then which is like a miracle!

Hedge said...

Just as an update. I first heard Felicity, via monitor, at 7am.. When I went in at maybe 10 past Cara was still fast asleep - I don't think she even realised that Felicity had been in there at all.