May 03, 2011

Watching Movies

We love watching movies at our house.  It's great to be able to watch on our big screen at home, and although the quality isn't so good during the day when it's bright, it's still doable.

We recently got Toy Story 3 as one of our LoveFilm films and this has to be about the 4th time Cara has watched it, she loves it. She has a friend from school coming tomorrow to watch it with her too. I wonder if her friend enjoys watching films so much.

When we watch a film together, Felicity either potters around doing something else, or snuggles up close and falls asleep. Today, she did just that.. it was lovely, my little hot water bottle snuggled right up close, cheek to cheek enjoying the film, and then we both dozed off.. beautiful!


Solviej said...

We took our kids to see this last year, but Micah didn't like it, it made him cry and Mailei told me she doesn't want to grow up and get rid of her toys. It's so funny how kids react to films. The big screen looks fun!

Hedge said...

The big screen makes everything seem exciting. Felicity's favourite part is at the beginning of a Disney movie when the castle is shown with the sparkling bits.. she always goes "ooooOOOoooo" - so cute!