November 07, 2010

Beyond Monopoly!

I found out that York had a board game club not long after we moved to York (2 years ago), however it has taken until this week to manage to remember when it is, and be free to go. I wish I had gone earlier. Much of my childhood was spent playing games with my family, and while at university I accumulated many games of my own. I like all kinds of games, I'll play whatever everyone else wants to play, but my favorites involve thinking moves through and not too much luck.

I went on Wednesday evening to my first meet up with Beyond Monopoly! and learnt to play a great new game Mississippi Queen, and enjoyed the company of fellow game lovers. I wasn't sure if I'd make the day long play on Saturday as I knew Andrew had a lot of work to do this weekend, but he dropped me off around noon and said stay as long as you're having fun - so I did :)

On Saturday I played a real mixture of games some I'd played before, Perudo and Apples to Apples, and others that I hadn't. Really want to play Dominion again, Ticket to Ride, a really fun car racing game (think my brothers would really this - actually, who wouldn't?, but what was it called?), a fun little game aimed at young children, and an interesting card laying game with an Irish theme.

The club have so many games (above photo was just two of the cupboards), and they really are as friendly as advertised. Can't wait to play some more games next time.


missriss said...

How fun! Was the car racing game a card game? Our family had one called Mille Bornes I think. When Hayden introduced me to Killer Bunnies it reminded me of that a bit.

Hedge said...

The car racing game is called Pitch Car, you build a track a little like scaletrix without the grooves, and then you flick little round wooden 'cars' around the track.