August 31, 2005

Waiting for Godot

This evening I went to see a play. The theatre was amazing! We didn't have the best seats, but I think that led to a more exciting evening.. I really felt part of it all by needing to lean over to peer down at the amazing actors. I don't think I really got the whole idea of the play.. but it definately had some interesting things for me to think about.

In an analysis of the play it said "Time is equivalent to what is announced in the title: the act of waiting", I find that quite an interesting statement. I guess we often spend a lot of time just waiting. However I feel that we shouldn't do this.. let us get on with life.. let us do what in the play they didn't do so well. Get on with doing something useful. I think this links in so well with the advice that Elder Oaks and again this weekend Sister Lund had, especially the Young Women in the church.. don't wait around for marriage, it may be the most important thing to do, but don't just wait for it to happen. Do something, and do it well.

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