August 02, 2005


Found out today that yesterday there was actually almost a tornado near Bristol. Check it out. Glad I only got rained on, and not spun around.

It's weird how in life we often don't realise just how great things are compared to how they could be. I was reading today about empathy. Covey talked about how empathy is understanding someone intellectually and emotionally, not just having been through a similar experience. I was trying to think, have I ever really done this? Do I ever actually try to understand someones situation by being them? or do I only try to sympathise.. by linking it to something similar that I have experienced? or by imagining what it would be like if I went through a similar situation? Empathy really is an amazing thing to acheive and I guess we can never do it perfectly.. but we can try.. and we can know that our Saviour has and will empathise with me for every situation that I have or will ever be in. Amazing! That's why such comfort and peace can come from knowing what the atonement really was.

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