November 08, 2007

YouTube and LDS Public Affairs

One of the latest YouTube videos posted by LDSPublicAffairs. I like it, it's simple and effective. What do you think about these videos being added to YouTube? I think it's great, however with the way that YouTube then offers other similar videos, they are not always similar. After watching this very video I quickly clicked through to a few questionable videos opposing the church. I lot of them don't make sense to me as a long time church member, but this could really be bad for an investigator or new member. Just some thoughts..


Coops said...

I think that it is great that they are putting this and other videos up on youtube. I thought it was a bit strange when they first started several years ago, not long after saying that we should refer to ourselves as LDS or members of The Church of Jesus Christ etc, rather than 'Mormon' - but with the contstant increase in internet use, people need to find the truth in amoungst the negative when they search the internet about the Church - I think for true investigators the falsehoods that they may find on the internet (& elsewhere) will only lead them to ask us more questions and we need to be ready to answer them. With 'Mormon' references appearing more and more in mainstream US TV shows (the new season of House has a 'Mormon' as a main character), we continue to 'come out of obscurity', that puts pressure on us to 'live' what we claim to believe, and sometimes to have to answer awkward questions.

Paracelsus said...

I think that the world has a right to hear from the Church in a non-conference setting. There is a massive amount of negative rhetoric on the internet and many are turning to journalists, preachers and others to get answers. I think that church's new plan for public relations is brilliant. I have been waiting for this for years. It is as if Joseph Fiedling Smith is back! Youtube is probably one of the best places to start. Many people watch Youtube and it is in an audio/video format that reaches people that may not sit down and read about the church. Can you image a well researched, doctrinally sound podcast that addressed contemporary issues that came from the church...I hope this is next!!