July 02, 2007

A game of Chess

For our Family Home Evening activity this week, Andrew and I played a game of Chess. It was a really fun game! Chess is so good - there is so much to think about.

I've been playing a few games of Chess over the internet, a move at a time. It was nice to play a whole game in one go. Steve and Alan recently beat me online, and tonight Andrew beat me too... I'm off to read some books on Chess strategy.


Steve said...

I'm ready for a rematch whenever you want.

I entered myself into the facebook chess club tournament, so I'm currently playing 4 people as white and another 4 as black.

Hedgee said...

That's cool. I think the Chess on Facebook needs to have notifications like Scrabble does - I forget to check if it's my move or not.

Steve said...

Agreed, improve Chess so that it's Scrabulous too :)

Andrew said...

Chess is an amazing game :)

I got lost reading a few books about tactics, I'd watch out for this :o)

Chess seems to be a lot about people rather than chess, well at levels I have played hehe :o)