October 28, 2005

Ever more excited!

Today I got a letter from the Europe Central Area Presidency. It made me so happy!

My favourite part.. and I loved the whole thing, was where it said;
Come to Europe expecting to see people join the Church. If you do, you will see more people enter the waters of baptism, even a "goodly number." (Mosiah 18:7)
I've wanted to expect that, but felt that maybe I shouldn't.. now I know that I should expect that, and I will! I'm so excited, and just hope that I can be as strong, faithful and prepared as this presidency, the prophet and my mission president have expressed in their letters. I really want to be the best missionary I can be.

As an extra note.. my favourite scripture of the moment in Romans 1:16, it may actually be my favourite for life! At last I have a reason for choosing one above all others.

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